GeniePy comes with built-in support for generating sitemap files accessible via the /sitemap.xml URL.


A sitemap file (usually accessible via the /sitemap.xml URL) provides information about the different pages available on the website and the relationship between them.

This file can be used by search engine bots to discover the contents of your site. You can also use such a file to upload to search engines to help them index your site. For instance, here are the instructions on how to do that on Google.


No setup is required on your end. Accessing /sitemap.xml should work out of the box. Sitemap generation is provided using the asgi-sitemaps package.


Adjust the items() function inside the app.core.sitemaps.Sitemap class if you'd like to include additional URLs in the sitemap file or would like to remove existing ones.

The default version includes URLs for the authentication pages (login, logout, registration, and forgot password) and all the blog posts.