Spin up your next Python SaaS in 6 minutes 🚀

GeniePy is a Python and Starlette boilerplate for building SaaS products.

We ship all the features your SaaS needs, in an asynchronous first codebase with top of the line performance.

Start delighting your customers in 6 minutes instead of 6 months!

User Management

Signups, login, logout, reset password: everything works out of the box.

Stripe Subscriptions

Enable Stripe subscription plans for your users and collect recurring payments in minutes.


Send emails using Mailjet, Mailgun, Sendgrid, etc. Switch back and forth between the different services if you like.


Configuration files and documentation for the most common deployment targets (Render, Fly, and Heroku) included.


Communicate with clients in real-time using websockets.

File Storage

Store your files on cloud storage services including Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage Buckets (or on local disk, if you prefer).