Launch your next SaaS quickly using Python 🐍

GeniePy is a modern SaaS starter codebase in pure Python that saves you months of development time.

User authentication, payments, SEO-optimized blog, sending emails, database integration: everything works out of the box on day one. Simply download the codebase and start building! 🚢

🛠️ How It Works

Hint: very easily


Download the codebase to your computer.


Configure the application with your own passwords and credentials.


Add your own business logic to the application.


Launch your app using the provided deployment files and documentation.

💡 Features

Save months on development time with all these features available on day one.

User Management

Secure user mangement (user registration, login, logout, password reset, social login, and more) backed by Clerk.

Stripe Subscriptions

Start collecting recurring payments from your users in minutes by enabling Stripe subscription plans.

Database Integration

Out of the box support for major industry standard databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite.

Tailwind CSS

Build beautiful frontend interfaces for your product using Tailwind CSS.

Social Login

Set up social login using Clerk with just a few clicks - no code needed.


SEO-optimized blog engine built into the application. No need to set up anything. Just start writing.


Send emails using Mailjet, Mailgun, and Sendgrid. Easily switch back and forth between the different providers if you like.

React.js without JS

Feeling Javascript fatigue? We get you. Use the entire React.js ecosystem without ever having to touch a line of Javascript.

Deployment Files

Quickly take your app to production using the included deployment configuration files and documentation.

LLM integration

Integrate Large Language Models in your application to easily solve a variety of tasks.

Admin Interface

Integrated admin interface to manage all your application data without writing any extra code.

Lifetime Support

Email and Discord support included for any questions you may have.

Continuous Testing

Run pytest (on your machine and on Github Actions) to verify that your app continues to work as expected.

100% Python

Love Python? So do we! Write the complete codebase using Python, the backend and the frontend.


Speed up the slow bits by caching all the heavy-lifting into a cache server