GeniePy supports deployments to Appliku.

The following sections assume that your server credentials (AWS or Digital Ocean) and git credentials (Github, Gitlab, custom) have already been provisioned and configured in your account settings. If not, please consult their documentation on how to set those up.

1. Add server

The first step is to add a server on which your application will be deployed.

From your "Team Overview" page, click on the "Servers" tab and use the web interface to add a new server. Depending on the provider you're using (AWS, Digital Ocean, or custom) this can take a few minutes.

2. Add Application

The next step is to add the application to be deployed.

Again, from your "Team Overview" page, click on the "Applications" tab and select the repository containing the application you want to deploy.

3. Initialize database

Now that you have an application, visit its Overview page, navigate to the "Databases" section, and click on "Manage" to create a new database.

This will provision a database instance on the server you added in the previous step and automatically attach the DATABASE_URL environment variable to your application.

4. Set configuration

Finally, in your application settings:

  1. Visit "Build settings" and set the "Container port" to 8000. This is the default port used by uvicorn, and should be used unless you've made any customizations to the uvicorn command you're using to start the application.

  2. Visit the "Environment Variables" section in your application settings and set the necessary ones (SITE_NAME, SITE_DOMAIN, SITE_URL, COOKIE_SECRET, CSRF_SECRET, and EMAIL_SENDER) using the web interface.

Click on "Save and Deploy".

5. All done!

That should be it. The last deployment triggered after saving the environment variables should have placed all the bits in the right places.

Click on the "View Application" button on your application's dashboard to see it go!