GeniePy supports deployments to using a Docker container based workflow.

A Dockerfile is included in the boilerplate and is configured to run the frontend and backend processes, and an nginx process that acts like a proxy to handle requests based on the URL path. All three processes are kept up and running using the Supervisor process manager.

1. Prerequisites

If you haven't already, install flyctl on your machine and login using fly auth login.

2. Setup supports deploying applications using a fly.toml launch configuration file.

GeniePy includes a basic fly.toml which you can adjust for your use case. Open it up in your text editor and adjust the "name" and "region" settings to your choosing.

Next, run fly launch to launch the application.

3. Configuration

Set the following environment variables before the first deployment:

$ flyctl secrets set \
    STRIPE_API_KEY=value \
    CLERK_SECRET_KEY=value \

4. Deploy

Run fly deploy to deploy your code. 🥳

5. Custom Domain

If you would like to use a custom domain for your application, there are two further steps to perform:

  1. Add "A"/"AAAA" DNS records to point to your domain.
  2. Add SSL certificates to make sure your site loads using HTTPS.

All done! Check your dashboard for more details on the app you just launched.