After the base application is running, you might want to extend the functionality using features such as user management, sending transactional emails, setting up payment subscription plans, etc.

User Management

The ability to register users, logging them in/out of your website, etc. is one of the most (if not the most basic) functionalities your website can provide.

GeniePy uses Clerk for user-management, which provides a highly secure backend for storing user data.

Check how to configure Clerk to learn more about how to set up Clerk for managing users.

Stripe Subscriptions

At some point you probably want to enable subscriptions on your website to be able to generate revenue from your users.

Check how to enable Stripe subscriptions to learn more about how to configure Stripe to do this.


Check how to send emails to learn more about configuring different email service providers to be able to send emails from your GeniePy application.